Character Creation
Katy Becker // Midjourney 2023

Character Creation

In 2016, I published a post-cyberpunk short story called “Every You, Every Me” in The Mailer Review. The protagonist is a kind of milquetoast white guy that, like in other post-cyberpunk stories, gets caught up in events he is ultimately incapable of controlling. His love interest, Katy, ends up being the chief actor of the story.

I’m not sure why Katy’s presence has recently reasserted itself in my consciousness, but I made a couple of attempts to do a bit of character creation, beginning with her primary physical characteristic: “Kool-Aid red hair.” The above might be my favorite so far. Here are some other attempts at refining my commands:

These are pretty good, though I hate that Midjourney wants to give tattoos to everyone. I threw away a otherwise great result because she had a necktat.

I should try to make a cover for the story, since it’s really more of a novella, and try to sell it as a short. I’ll put that on my to-do list.