Self Portraits
GRL in the style of Banksy // Midjourney 2023

Self Portraits

Further along on my Midjourney into AI art, I decided to try some more self portraits—this time in the style of some famous artists. My goal is to get a good digital self portrait for my main web site—something that looks pretty close to reality. Some biggies I tried just didn’t work well, like Picasso, but others gave some interesting results, like the Banksy-inspired portrait above. All of the successful portraits look something like me, and I got a few. Here are some in the style of Hieronymus Bosch.

Complete with headgear and appropriate glasses. Most of the portraits included my glasses, since the base image has them, but often, like in the case of my Leonardo portrait, they just looked weird or out-of-place.

My favorites from classical painters might be those in the style of Rembrandt and Van Gogh.

At least the glasses seem period-appropriate with these. I think either one of thse portraits could work on my web site. Maybe I should just use a generic “digital” portrait, like one of these.

I know: they make me look like a superhero and neither is a close enough resemblance. I might try the digital look again with a more full-body image—something maybe for another web site.

Finally, I’ll end with another Banksy.